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Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps

Ideal for both high and low pressure pumping requirements.

Patterson Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps are
engineered for reliable operation upon demand.
Patterson sweats the details. All fabricated
parts are standardized and accurately
machined for true alignment, increasing
overall durability. Precision balancing of all
rotating components provides mechanical
dependability, reliable operation and minimal
maintenance. Impellers are constructed with
double inlets that practically eliminate end
thrust while boosting operating efficiency.
The simple, split case design of these pumps
allows for in-line service without disturbing
piping while ensuring long, efficient unit life,
reduced maintenance costs and minimal
power consumption.

These pumps are designed to operate with
pressures in excess of 390 psi (27 bar) and
flows from 150 gpm to 5,000 gpm (568
litres/min to 18,925 litres/min).
Whether your fire pump application requires
an electric motor, a diesel engine or vertical or
horizontal orientation, these industry-approved
pumps can be configured to meet your
specific needs.

Split-case design allows for in-line service

Typical LPCB diesel unit


Split-case design


High Pressure Two-Stage DMD Fire Pumps

Engineered for rugged, reliable service when space is at a premium.

High Pressure Two-Stage Fire Pumps are
engineered to produce as much head as two
single-stage pumps in series but in a much
more compact size. Heavily built, they are highly
dependable and have every mechanical feature
to assure long life.
Design highlights include dual single-inlet,
enclosed impellers, mounted back-to-back, and
an interconnecting passage between stages.
Bronze or bronze-bushed interstage pieces
guard against wear.
Sizes range from 3-in. to 6-in. (7.6-cm to 15.2-cm)
discharge for capacities to 1,000 gpm (3,785
litres/min) and heads to 1,150 ft (351 m).



High Pressure Two-Stage DMD Fire Pump




V.I.P. Vertical In-Line Fire Pumps

Compact, self-contained design for easy adaptability to new or existing applications.

Patterson’s V.I.P. series of Vertical In-Line
Fire Pumps offer a simple alternative
to horizontal split case pumps in fire
applications with lower flow ranges. Their
unique design also minimizes energy
consumption while lengthening service life.
These fire pumps are easy to install into
existing pipe lines. With the inlet and outlet
on a common center line, only standard
piping supports on either side of the pump
are needed. This eliminates the need for
costly foundations or pads.
The precision-cast impeller is dynamically
balanced for smooth operation, and it is
enclosed for optimum performance and long
service life. Balance holes on the back side
of the impeller reduce thrust with hydraulic
balancing of the pressures.
Designed for durability, every pump has
standard packing and a two-piece gland.
Coupled to V.I.P.’s standard JP/JM motor,
this quality, integral drive system features uniformity of tolerances, minimum shaft


V.I.P. Vertical In-Line Series Fire Pump

deflection and bearings sized properly for the job. An integral clean-out port on the suction
side enables cleaning without having to
remove the driver, eliminating the need for a
NFPA Pipeline Strainer.
With pressure ratings from 40 psi to 150
psi (3 bar to 10 bar), Patterson’s V.I.P.
Vertical In-Line Fire Pumps deliver flow
ranges of 50 gpm to 1,250 gpm (189 litres/
min to 4,731 litres/min).


Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps

Flexible staging enables capacity requirements in minimum floor space.

Among the most versatile pumps in
Patterson’s arsenal, the Vertical Turbine
Fire Pump stands on Patterson’s more
than 50 years of vertical pump expertise.
Employing the latest design concepts and
engineering technology, these pumps are
ideal for fire fighting.
They can be staged as needed to meet
specific pressure requirements, with
lengths and construction adaptable to
the application. And their space-saving
vertical design minimizes floor space
requirements. Standard construction offers
cast iron discharge heads with a fabricated
steel column, stainless steel head and
bowl shafts, or alloy steel line shaft and
cast iron bronze fitted bowls. Open line
shaft construction is standard; special
metallurgies are available.
No priming is necessary to provide flows
from 500 gpm to 5,000 gpm (1,892 litres/
min to 18,925 litres/min), with pressures
in excess of 350 psi (24 bar).

End Suction Fire Pumps

Deliver Patterson performance and reliability to new or existing installations.

Choose from two configurations—frame
mounted and close-coupled, which can
be flanged or threaded. These pumps are
engineered to last with a precision-cast,
dynamically balanced and enclosed impeller
that minimizes vibration and maximizes
bearing life. Engineered for lasting integrity
with standard packing and a shaft sleeve,
each unit is hydrostatically pressure-tested
to 1-1/2 times shutoff before shipping.
Removing the rotating element without
disturbing suction and discharge connections
is easy because of our unique, back pullout
design. Registered fits at the volute and
volute cover maintain pump alignment.


Featuring pressure ratings from 40 psi to 150
psi (3 bar to 10 bar), Patterson’s End Suction
Fire Pumps are available in flow ranges of 50
gpm to 750 gpm (189 litres/min to 2,835

End Suction Fire Pump



Pre-Pac® Fire Pump Systems

Save on compact, custom-engineered pre-packaged systems.

The Patterson Pre-Pac is one of the most popular and reliable, self-contained fire protection pump systems on the market today. It is compact, highly efficient and cost effective. From high-density residential complexes to industrial and commercial sites, the Pre-Pac helps you properly protect the lives and property in your care even while facing budget constraints and space limitations.
Here’s How Created to provide highly efficient, quality fire control in less space and for less cost, the Pre-Pac saves money by reducing labor, engineering and installation costs. Each Pre-Pac is built in our environmentally-controlled facility to your exact specifications. Our knowledge,
expertise and complete line of quality fire pumps and accessories ensures that your Pre-Pac system will provide the very best in pumping technology when you need it. We can also provide special metallurgies for seawater service.
Pre-Pacs are built on one-piece skids up to 12 ft by 40 ft (3.6 m by 12.2 m) with or without a housing enclosure. Larger units can be built and shipped in two or three pieces. All Pre-Pac systems feature Patterson’s exclusive built-in lifting devices. They allow each unit to be lifted by a single crane while keeping the system level and preventing the base from flexing.


Complete Package

Whether you select a completely housed Pre-Pac or a base-mounted package, you can be assured that all sensing lines, fittings, pipes, drive, pump and controls are pre-engineered to meet, or exceed, all applicable codes. And all piping is hydrostatically tested before shipping. On-time delivery is assured, and installation couldn’t be easier. With or without a housing enclosure, we’ll deliver your Pre-Pac to your site ready for a simple hook-up to water and electricity by your contractors.
The real muscle behind our high pressure pre-packaged systems lies within Patterson’s reliable Split Case or Vertical Turbine Pumps, featuring discharge pressures of 40 psi to 390 psi (3 bar to 27 bar) and capacities of 150 gpm to 5,000 gpm (568 litres/min to 18,925 litres/min).
When our Vertical In-Line and End Suction Pumps are employed, they offer lower pressures ranging from 40 psi to 150 psi (3 bar to 10 bar) and capacities of 50 gpm to 1,250 gpm (189 litres/min to 4,731 litres/min). And you can select from diesel, electric or dual-drive configurations to power your system.
Compact. Efficient. On time. In budget. Made to order with Patterson’s quality products, single source reputation and reliable engineering expertise. Housing structure cutaway. That’s the Pre-Pac.


Skid-mounted Pre-Pac® system

Pre-Pac ready for an enclosure

Completed housed unit

Multi-module configuration

Housed Pre-Pac unit

Pre-Pacs are built on one-piece skids up to 12 ft by 40 ft (3.6 m by 12.2 m)