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Generator Sets

Arraw Natural Gas Generators

Arrow Engine Company is an industry leader in heavy-duty power generation equipment, and with increasing demand for cheaper and cleaner burning fuel, more companies are turning to natural gas generators for their power generation needs. This type of fuel burns cleaner than standard diesel and is well suited for remote areas where a continuous supply of natural gas is readily available.

Our natural gas generator sets feature a wide assortment of factory options that enable you to customize your generator to match your requirements, including emissions equipment to assist you with environmental and regulatory compliance. Arrow Generator Sets are designed to operate on a wide range of fuels, including natural gas, well-head gas, and pipeline gas, while providing maximum fuel efficiency along with low life-cycle costs.

Please call us for our full line of 5 to 150kW genset offerings.


C series & A Series gensets


Our C-Series and A-Series natural gas generator sets offer many features including:

  • Oil bath air cleaner
  • Fuel flow lube oil filtration
  • Pressure lubrication
  • Electrical engine speed governor
  • 12-volt electric ring-gear starter


Custom Gensets

Arrow can also provide complete custom generator sets ready to set up with your own generator.



Choose from a variety of natural gas engine configurations from our C-Series and A-Series engine lines to pair with your generator for a custom genset application.

  • Pre configured for your application
  • Generator-ready
  • Platform or enclosure options to meet your needs
  • C Series or A Series engine models