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Bombas Ideal


CP Series


The wide range of pumps presented, with flows up to 3000 l/s and heights up to 200 mca. allows a great diversity of uses, including:

  • Desalination plants, reverse osmosis
  • Irrigation in general
  • Drinking water supplies
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Heating and air-conditioning installations
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Refineries, pipelines
  • Conventional thermal plants
  • Cooling towers
  • Sea water pumping
  • Steel mills, mining
  • Paper or cellulose industry (up to 15% atro)



RNI Series


Pumps suitable for lifting and transferring liquids in:

  • Mines
  • Aquaculture farms
  • Theme parks
  • Elevation of rivers to channels
  • Industry
  • Agricultural irrigation in general
  • Construction
  • Heating and air-conditioning installations
  • Municipalities
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Civilian supplies
  • Industrial supplies
  • Golf courses
  • Desalination plants
  • Sources
  • Green spaces, gardening
  • Sprinkler irrigation
  • Air Conditioning (HVAC)



RFI Series


  • Industrial applications for pumping clean and non-aggressive water.
  • Pressure equipment.
  • Air conditioning and heating.
  • Agricultural
  • Sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.
  • Firefighting equipment.
  • Swimming pool purification
  • Golf courses
  • Sources
  • Green spaces , gardening
  • Washing tunnels



RFI Series


  • Industrial applications for pumping non aggressive clean water.
  • Pressure booster.
  • Heating & Air conditioning.
  • Irrigation.
  • Fire fighting sets.

RNL Series


  • Water supply systems
  • Booster units
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Liquid transfer in industry
  • Air conditioning systems


APM Series


  • Water supply and distribution.
  • Pressure Equipment
  • Water treatment
  • Circulation and condensate systems
  • Boiler feed installation.
  • Washing systems, filter units.
  • Irrigation and sprinkler systems
  • Firefighting equipment.
  • Pumping of filtrations in deep mines



VS-VG Series


  • Water supply and distribution
  • Overpressure systems
  • Water treatment sewage treatment plants
  • Irrigation and sprinkler installations
  • Fire equipment NFPA-20UL / FM
  • Mines
  • Waterparks
  • Therres refrigeration
  • Chemical industries
  • Central or nuclear thermal stations.
  • Refineries, crude oil pumping and refined products
  • Sanitary and cleaning facilities.
  • Industry in general




ARS Series


The ARS pumps, depending on the type of impeller, are suitable for:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Pumping of municipal and industrial wastewater.
  • Drainage of buildings and land.
  • Wastewater treatment.
  • Industrial processes.
  • Rainwater containing abrasive particles and sands
  • Quarries
  • Decanting of dirty and loaded waters, containing crushed filamentous bodies.
  • Black wells
  • Collection of biological pits